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The company of today traces its start to a day back in 1992 when Dean Thomas and Donna Gallie first tasted Jabies Doner Kebab from a mobile kiosk in Napier. They liked it so much that they now own the company.In early 1993 the couple established their first Jabies Doner Kebab café in Wanganui. The kebabs quickly gained a reputation for wonderful taste, but that wasn’t the only thing that appealed. They are healthy for you too. The New Zealand Heart Foundation has given its tick to Jabies Doner Kebab, which is a huge plus in this day and age. As the general population moves towards healthier, nutritious convenience foods, this product offers a delicious alternative.

In addition to fresh vegetables, hummus and sauces, the key ingredient is the kebab “BONELESS MEAT”

The kebab rolls were developed in conjunction with MIRINZ MEAT INDUSTRY RESEARCH NEW ZEALAND, giving JABIES DONER KEBAB a unique and deliciously Middle Eastern taste which is tailored to the kiwi palate.

So good is the result that Jabies Doner Kebab has been recognised at the UEB PRINTPAC NZ FOOD AWARDS, WINNING THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AWARD for the development of the method used in producing the doners as well as winning the BEST NZ PRODUCT AWARD for the chicken doner kebab?

The Halal kebabs are also a winner. “Many overseas customers even those from the Middle East have said our kebabs are some of the best they’ve tasted in the world”.

I, Mohinder Nagra have multiple businesses going on, in which I have won lots of awards for its service and quality. For My Indian food restaurant I won best Indian takeaway restaurant award and several other awards. On the other hand I own an Asian grocery store as well for what I have won a best Asian business award, winner of best commercial business award etc. This time I want to introduce something new for what I collaborate with Dean Thomas and Donna Gallie (owner of Jabies Doner Kebab Wanganui)

I have good friendship with Dean from last 20 years and I use to live in Wanganui and once I tried Jabies doner kebab which I found very delightful and on the other side healthy as well. In every single bite of the kebab there is some mesmerising taste which I had never tasted before, that is why we always say REAL FOOD – UNREAL FLAVOR which you never had before. The fresh vegetables and the self prepared secret sauces with our key ingredient Kebab rolls are the things which I want to introduce in my city Hastings, so that my people can enjoy something different, healthy and succulent food.The Middle Eastern interior of the restaurant will give you a feel like you are actually in Middle East.

On the top of that I decided to bring some pizzas as well again something different. I been to different countries and tried lots of different pizzas then I come up with lots of new pizza recipes some from Canada some from India and some best one from our homeland. Varity of chicken, meat, vegetarian and seafood pizzas are available here. Considering the vegetarian people we will give special attention for the choices they make. Special Middle Eastern desserts,coffee and chef special fresh beverages are offered to give you extra taste for your meals.

And we haven’t finished yet. What about a bar? Yes! I am going introduce a new bar as well for you with safe and comfortable environment. The bar is located on the back of the Restaurant and the interior is eye-catching with some traditional hand crafted. This will make you desperate to come back again and again…

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